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At Davis Masonry, the best Davis masonry local contractor, quality and customer service is our main priority. We know all there is to know about mason work and constantly make sure that we complete the job with the highest standards possible. It is in our blood to always deliver the best possible job for our clients.

As property owners have recently discovered the benefits of having quality landscaping and hardscaping additions to their property. In most cases, this drastically increases the value of the property. Our company helps make this realization a reality. Are you stressing over picking the perfect local masonry contractor to complete your job?! No need to look any further!

Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA , Masonry Contractor in Davis

Davis Masonry local contractor are highly trained and make it their mission to fill all of our client’s needs! Most of our projects include outdoor kitchens, water features and outdoor fire pits. We service Davis, California as well as Yolo County. Whether you need stonework, brickwork, or concrete services, we have got you covered! 

Our skilled workers are dedicated to providing the best mason experience possible. Stop using your valued free time on DIY masonry projects! Instead, spend time with family and friends and trust our company and our talented contractors in Davis, CA to get the job done!

Call us today at 916-975-7360 to get your project started!

Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA ,Contact Davis Masonry

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We are a full service masonry and concrete company offering large scale services or smaller scale projects such as brick repair. Serving all of Davis, California and the surrounding Yolo County, our company specializes in hardscape installation and design, stonework, concrete block and veneer masonry. We offer a range of services that include stone, brick, and concrete.


Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA
Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA

Natural Stone Installation & Repair ​

In Davis Masonry, the best Davis masonry local contractor and you should choose us to install your natural stone today! There are many pros of working with stone. The first being that there is no other material like stone. Stone is the most durable, most robust, and most weather-resistant material there is. Because, its durability and strength, it is safe to say your structure can last for centuries. 

Also, the stone does not bend, swell, warp, and splinter, or dent. It makes it an excellent choice for building in areas where there is much foot traffic or day-to-day activities. Stone gives a more aesthetic look than brick and concrete blocks. Stones are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. 

When you use stone material, you can be creative with what you build and produce because you can mix and match different colors and sizes to make your dream structure. Stone also can be grand, majestic, and imposing, but it can also be warm and welcoming. Another reason why stone is preferable is that it is not affected by wind, rain, hail, sleet, and snow. 

When you use this for construction, you are avoiding the risk of spending money in the future on costly repairs as the stone is tough to chip, bend, or scratch. Stone is also excellent insulation to air-transmitted noise.

Why Clients Choose Us?

We are dedicated to providing professional masonry services in Yolo County!

The best Davis masonry local contractor, Davis Masonry has years of experience with different types of installation and restoration services. We are known for our excellent customer service within Yolo County and the surrounding areas. The backbone of our business is quality. 

We ensure that any job we do, whether driveways, chimney restoration or construction, hardscape services, or any other building, is done with quality as its primary goal. Our work has been around for centuries. Stone has been used to build grand structures that last a lifetime and more! Our experienced team has honed in on quality and overall client satisfaction to provide the best services possible. 

Satisfaction from local masonry contractor

Come home to a beautiful new driveway, walkway, or hardscape wall and watch your mood instantly change! We aim to transform your home or property into something magnificent! Unsure how you want something designed? You don’t need to worry! We are here to make your life easier, and we help with masonry concepts! We also work with all types of budgets. 

Once you let us know your budget ceiling, we will do our best to stay below your budget! We want everyone to have the home or property they dream of! You can trust our contractors with projects that are extremely expensive or quick-fix jobs, such as driveway repair.

Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA
Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA
Concrete & Foundation Repair

Are you having issues with your foundation? Perhaps you’re wondering what the signs are that indicate a problem with your foundation and how to fix it. Worry no less, as we have the solution for you – the best local masonry contractor, the Davis Masonry! Moreover, if you have a basement, you may observe cracking or step cracking if you have a block foundation. Additionally, you might notice horizontal or vertical cracking.

Moving upstairs, some obvious places to check are cracking in the drywall, especially above the corner of a door or window. Furthermore, if you find that your doors and windows aren’t opening or closing correctly, it could be a sign of foundation issues. Also, take a look outside your place. You may also notice step cracking outside. In fact, all of these signs serve as indicators that your foundation could be settling in some areas. Rest assured, our team of experts has got you covered for all your concrete foundation needs!

More about Davis Masonry

Our team has years of experience working with high-end natural stone, synthetic stone components, and stone pavers. Moreover, masonry is an umbrella term that is used to categorize the building of structures with different masonry materials. Additionally, we are fully equipped to work with all those materials, including brick masonry tools, monk bond brickwork, common bond brick, and concrete blocks, among others. From the moment you call our company to the moment that we finish the job, we aim to be transparent with you. 

Furthermore, we invite critiques and want to make sure that the finished product is way beyond your standards! As a result, we provide professional mason services to business owners and homeowners. Most importantly, the needs of our customers are our utmost concern. Are you the type of person who just wants the best for your property? If so, then we are the people to call!

What is a local masonry contractor?


A Davis masonry local contractor can assist you with a project and provide experienced advice to help you get the most out of your money and your home. They can tell you which masonry options are the most popular and why they are so popular. These professionals can also educate you about slightly better options, such as artificial stone veneer and cement blocks.

What does masonry work include?

Masons build chimneys, retaining walls, patios, and entire homes out of a variety of materials such as stone, brick, and concrete. Their extensive knowledge is a mostly underutilized resource for homeowners. Even the smallest feature, such as a pathway for curb appeal or a stone veneer accent wall for interior design, can improve a place.

Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA
Best Local Masonry Contractor in Davis, CA

Brick Repair & Installation

Brick repair and installation is a very specific job. Davis Masonry, the best Davis masonry local contractor follows an exact, systematic procedure that takes advantage of in-depth skills of our workers. We always start by measuring the total area’s square footage that will be covered by brick and move into the installation process. We are more than happy to fix older bricks and move them into the correct place or install new ones. Brick masonry construction takes a certain skill and we make sure all our workers exceed the normal masonry construction standards. In order to complete and exceed our customer’s expectations for their brick work, our company uses the latest bricklaying tools!

What should I ask a masonry contractor?

It takes time and effort to choose a qualified and professional masonry contractor. A few elements, like as the materials you want and rough project measurements, should be worked out ahead of time. Your bids will be more accurate as a result, and you will save time by not phoning the wrong specialists. You’ll want to do your homework once you get that information. Get written estimates from at least three professionals. Recognize that various specialists may specialize in different areas. Request a list of references. Follow your instincts.