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We provide the best masonry services in Woodland CA. When we say best, we mean it! We are a team of masonry professionals who are based in Woodland, CA. Hundreds of previous clients have commended our work. Through word of mouth, our customers have grown more and more every single day. It only shows that we take our job very seriously, and we don’t stop until we have achieved the goal that our clients have set.

Masonry professionals like us are hired to carry out the different stone, concrete, and brick-related jobs or projects. Woodland CA residents have relied on our services whenever they have projects related to concrete and masonry. We have years of experience in serving homeowners and business owners alike.

We are not joking when we say that we are the best concrete contractor in Woodland CA. Before starting any project, we extensively discuss the project with the client and give honest advice and recommendations. Our team works with the clients’ vision and expectations in mind. Until we finish the masonry work, we provide follow-up services to our clients in Woodland, CA.


You have a lot on your plate already. You have a family to feed, a job to do, or a business to run. Concrete repairs shouldn’t be one of them. Masonry services can handle any brick, stone, or concrete work.

Our professional masons are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide you with the best masonry service. We have a trained eye for detail, guaranteeing a spotless and flawless execution of the masonry jobs you asked us to do. We use the best masonry tools and equipment, which helps us in delivering top-notch masonry work.

Natural Stone Installation & Repair ​


Woodland locals trust us to repair, remodel, or resurface their concrete walls, countertops, and patios. Most residents have a small, growing family. They trust us in providing them better shelter for the family they are raising. Young parents are more protective of their minor children now, more than ever. 

We have helped young families build their dream homes. We made a solid concrete foundation using the best masonry products, materials, and tools. We provided our service to those who want to renovate their house. We are the trusted concrete contractor Woodland CA residents recommend to their family and friends. If you are looking for a professional residential masonry service or know someone who needs it, contact us today!


Woodland, being a small city, only has a few commercial establishments. However, the need for commercial masonry service is still there. Due to the small population, fewer contractors offer their services to business people in Woodland. If you plan to build a business in Woodland and are looking for a reliable and dependable masonry contractor, we are your people. We offer our masonry services in the construction of your business. Our team is very skilled in building commercial patios that attract more customers. In addition, we can also help you achieve the aesthetics you envision with our landscaping services.

We are one with you in achieving the goals you have set for your business. If you have questions regarding our masonry service, contact us at 916-975-7360 and speak with our customer service representatives. We make sure that we accommodate and answer our customer’s queries to the best of our ability.

Woodland, CA, is a place where the people are friendly and trusting. By providing our masonry services, we know that we are helping good people achieve the life they deserve. The people in Woodland are all hardworking, and it reflects the kind of life they live. Davis Masonry is here to address your masonry needs. Be it stone, concrete, or brickwork; we can handle that! Call us today at 916-975-7360 and get a free, no-obligation quote! You may also want to check out the services we offer in Knights Landing, CA!

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