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If you live in Winters, you might have heard of the Buckhorn Steakhouse. Many known restaurants in Winters are visited by many tourists every year. Winters is also home to the largest walnut and almond processors globally, the Mariani Nut Corporation. Winters is a city where there is a lot of room for business growth. It is also a safe city where you can raise your children.

We have built a masonry services company in Winters because we have seen how the locals care for their business, as well as their families. We offer both commercial and residential concrete services in Winters CA. Whichever masonry service you need, we can handle it. Contact  916-975-7360  now for a free, no-obligation quote! Our customer service representatives will assist you and answer all of your questions regarding our masonry services.


The exterior of your commercial property plays a significant role in the overall appeal of your business. A commercial space that shines brightly is what you rightfully deserve. Build a beautiful and sturdy building with the help of Davis Masonry, the best commercial concrete contractor in Winters, CA! Several business owners contact us to do repairs and improve their business spaces’ appearance and foundations. Some of the services we offer to Winters business owners are:

Concrete Patios

More and more business owners are building their commercial spaces with a designated outdoor concrete patio. Depending on the nature of the business, we create a concrete patio that elevates how the commercial space looks to customers, prospective business partners, and tourists.

Brick Masonry

Believe it or not, brick masonry is a trend that will never go out of style. During these times when more and more themed businesses are emerging, having bricks as the walls of commercial space is already an edge over the competitors. Not only is the material sturdy and durable, but it is also aesthetically appealing. Our team has years of experience with bricks, and they know the best way to make your business shine over the others.

Concrete Repairs

Every business needs concrete repairs every now and then. Each time you need something repaired, we are your go-to concrete contractors in Winters. Concrete repairs often require more than two days to finish, but with a collaborative team who knows what they are doing, concrete repairs will only take a day. Our team works hand in hand to complete every repair needed in the fastest way possible.

Natural Stone Installation & Repair ​


We are also offering our services to the residents of Winters. The locals in this city need a reliable masonry contractor to help them with their masonry and concrete problems. Our masons are all skilled and experienced, especially in residential masonry. We have provided a lot of repairs and resurfacing works for the residents. Some of our best works are chimneys, fireplaces, and driveways.

Chimneys and Fireplaces   

Fireplaces are a must! Homes in Winters CA contact us to build a lovely fireplace for them. We know how cold it can get in the region, especially during winter. Our team uses the best materials to make fireplaces. Our team uses particular masonry materials and tools in building fireplaces. Also, we consider the preferences of the homeowners. We make the best concrete fireplaces and chimneys, and our former clients can attest to that. Our team is the best fireplace contractor you have been looking for!


New homeowners sometimes forget the importance of having a concrete stamped driveway. They can be so focused on the building of the house itself that they forget that they need a concrete driveway. We recommend having a stamped driveway to give your home an impressive entrance. A stamped driveway also upgrades your overall home design. For those homeowners who have overlooked this, don’t fret! Call us now, and we will schedule the building of your driveway! 

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