Local Masonry in Winters, CA

If you reside in the charming city of Winters, maybe are you clueless that the Davis masonry is the best Local Masonry in Winters. You’re likely familiar with the renowned Buckhorn Steakhouse. This vibrant destination attracts numerous tourists each year, thanks to its array of exceptional restaurants. 

Moreover, Winters proudly houses the Mariani Nut Corporation, a global leader in walnut and almond processing. With a thriving business environment and a secure community perfect for raising a family, Winters offers abundant opportunities for growth.

At our masonry services company, we have chosen to establish ourselves in Winters because we deeply appreciate the locals’ dedication to both their businesses and their families. Whether you require commercial or residential concrete services in Winters CA, we have got you covered. 

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Local Masonry in Winters, Davis Masonry
Local Masonry in Winters
Local Masonry in Winters
Local Masonry in Winters

Natural Stone Installation & Repair


The exterior of your commercial property significantly influences its overall appeal. Allow Davis Masonry, the premier commercial concrete contractor in Winters, CA, to help you construct a beautiful and sturdy building that truly shines. Numerous business owners have chosen to collaborate with us to revamp and enhance their commercial spaces’ appearance and foundations. Our comprehensive range of services for Winters business owners include:

Concrete Patios

An increasing number of businesses are opting for designated outdoor concrete patios within their commercial spaces. Depending on your business’s nature, we will craft a concrete patio that elevates the visual appeal for customers, prospective partners, and tourists.

Brick Masonry

Believe it or not, brick masonry never goes out of style. As themed businesses continue to emerge, having brick walls in your commercial space provides a competitive edge. Not only is brick a durable and robust material, but it also exudes aesthetic charm. Our experienced team possesses extensive expertise in working with bricks, ensuring that your business stands out from the crowd.

Concrete Repairs

Regular concrete repairs are a necessity for every business. Whenever you require repairs, rely on us as your go-to concrete contractors in Winters. While concrete repairs often take several days to complete, our collaborative team of experts ensures efficient completion within a day. We work seamlessly together to address all your repair needs promptly.


We are proud to extend our services to the residents of Winters. The local community relies on a trustworthy masonry contractor to resolve their concrete-related issues. Our highly skilled masons specialize in residential masonry and have successfully completed numerous repair and resurfacing projects for Winters residents. Some of our exceptional works include chimneys, fireplaces, and driveways.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

In the chilly climate of Winters CA, having a fireplace is essential. Homeowners often turn to us to build beautiful fireplaces that provide both warmth and elegance. We utilize premium materials and specialized masonry tools to create stunning concrete fireplaces and chimneys that perfectly match your preferences. Our satisfied clients can testify to our expertise, making us the ideal fireplace contractor you’ve been searching for.


New homeowners sometimes overlook the importance of a well-crafted, stamped concrete driveway. Amidst the excitement of building a new home, the driveway can be easily forgotten. However, we strongly recommend investing in a stamped driveway to create an impressive entrance and enhance your overall home design. If you’ve overlooked this aspect, fret not! Contact us now, and we’ll schedule the construction of your dream driveway.

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