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Like many construction companies, Davis Masonry uses concrete masonry units (CMU) in wall construction. CMUs have many uses in concrete masonry industries, from foundations, retaining walls, concrete frames to free-standing landscapes. Walls are an essential component of a building. The wall is the masonry structure that defines the area. Having a trustworthy concrete wall contractor is very important because the proper construction of walls can do wonders for your home or building.

In terms of functions, walls can either be load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls. Load-bearing walls are significant parts of the building structure. On the other hand, non-load-bearing walls are the structures that are erected as a partition that divides the different rooms of a house or a building. You can demolish a non-load-bearing wall, but not the load-bearing type. Identifying which wall is load-bearing and non-load-bearing can’t be quickly done by untrained people. Only expert masons and engineers can do this.

Our team at Davis Masonry are experts at wall construction. We have helped many home and property owners construct their homes with our exemplary concrete masonry services. Our masons boast years of experience in wall construction and have consistently brought quality construction works to all of our clients. If you need a concrete wall contractor, call us today and speak with our competent representatives to discuss all your masonry service needs.

Masonry walls are the most durable component of any house or building. Having a masonry wall renders strengths and lastingness to the building. Also, they help maintain indoor and outdoor temperature. They also protect the interior of the building from outside forces.

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Masonry walls are classified into four types depending on the combination of materials used. It can be reinforced, hollow or cavity, composite, and post-tensioned masonry walls. To give you an idea about these types, continue reading.

Reinforced masonry wall

You can build a reinforced masonry wall with any type of masonry material. It can be brick or concrete. The materials used for reinforced masonry wall strengthen the use of other building materials to increase their resistance to deterioration because of the weight its bears or other forms of stress. Reinforced masonry walls can be load-bearing or non-load-bearing. One of the most common examples of a reinforced masonry wall is exterior walls built using concrete masonry units or clay bricks. Steel rods are also used to strengthen the structure.

During earthquakes or under heavy loads, unreinforced walls can easily break and crack horizontally. Reinforced walls are built to resist pressure forces and heavy loads. The purpose of a reinforced masonry wall is to protect the structure from cracks and makes it durable enough to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Hollow or cavity masonry wall

Hollow masonry walls are built using cement blocks. This type of wall is used to block the moisture from getting inside the building. It has a hollow area between the interior and exterior wall. Also, cavity walls are a huge help with regards to climate control. Davis CA masonry contractors use hollow masonry units to construct modern masonry walls. 

Composite masonry wall

Composite masonry walls are made with a combination of two or more masonry materials. They can be either made with stones and bricks or hollow bricks and bricks and are created to reduce the overall expenses of masonry construction. Also, they make the building structure durable by providing materials of much better quality. Composite masonry walls help improve the look of the building structure by sealing up the inferior works with the use of premium quality materials. Composite masonry walls are lovely because they are cost-effective and visually appealing.

Post-tensioned masonry wall

Post-tensioning provides an additional axial load to masonry construction. This extra axial load increases the resistance to lateral force. This type of wall has its reinforced equivalents, like the increased in-plane strength and the removal of residual post-earthquake displacements. Post-tensioning is used extensively in bridges and elevated slabs like parking structures and residential or commercial buildings. Designers usually take advantage of post-tensioning to construct buildings and structures with open spaces, which allows more architectural freedom.​


There may be different types of concrete and masonry walls, but the professional masons at Davis Masonry are all skilled and trained to construct those walls no matter what type they are. Our previous works all passed the masonry construction standards of the state and are all durable enough to accommodate huge and heavy loads. Wall construction is a craft that we have perfected through the years we have been servicing the residents of Davis CA. We are the top concrete wall contractor in Davis CA. Here are the top reasons why you should hire us.

We have served the residents of Davis CA, with our excellent masonry services through the years. Our masons are all professionally trained and have undergone a strict application process. We make sure that the skills of our masons pass the standards of the state. Our team looks at every project we do as a learning opportunity. With the number of homes and buildings we have helped, we have honed and mastered our craft.

Our team underwent strict screening. Before we send our crew to missions, we make sure that they are experts at their jobs. Our professional engineers trained them and have taught them everything about masonry. Also, they are all licensed by the state. You can be sure that they are experts in their craft with the quality of the masonry work that they do.

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