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Stone veneers look as beautiful as the natural stone it replicates. They are often used in architectural applications such as exterior facades, stone veneer fireplaces, and unique statement walls. Masonry veneers give home and property owners a wide selection of colors, designs, and patterns. It is why they are a popular choice for property owners who are doing renovations in their homes or buildings. Also, they are less expensive than natural stone. A stone veneer is very versatile because it can be installed over metal or wood-framed walls, poured concrete, and even over CMU blocks or bricks. It must be noted that they must be installed appropriately to achieve the best results.

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There are two types of stone veneers. The first is the natural stone veneer, while the second is the manufactured stone veneer. Choosing between the two only boils down to your personal preference. When manufactured stone veneers entered the masonry market, they instantly became a popular product for finishing off feature walls and cladding building facades. It was primarily because of its price and versatility. However, natural stone veneers remain the more favorable option because of their incomparable aesthetics.

Natural Stone Veneer
​Coming from its name, “natural,” natural stone veneers are made from the genuine and authentic stone that has been quarried from the earth. Big pieces of rocks are sliced into thin profiles to create veneers. Natural stone veneers feature different textures, tonal variations, and imperfections of the stones formed over hundreds of years. The authenticity of natural stone veneers is uncompromised. You can be sure that you will not find the exact wall anywhere else. Manufactured stone veneers can’t compete with the authenticity and originality that natural stone veneers offer. Suppose they have been installed correctly and maintained according to the stone masonry contractor’s recommendations. In that case, a wall installed with a natural stone veneer will not need to be replaced or repaired forever.

Manufactured Stone Veneer
Manufactured stone masonry veneers are artificial stone veneers. It is a synthetic product designed to replicate natural stone. They are made of concrete and aggregate materials that have been pressed into molds to resemble natural stones. Manufactured stone veneers have the advantage of being lightweight. They are easier to install, and they can be fixed on different masonry structures. They have a wide array of colors, styles, and patterns that clients can choose from. They look like they are genuine stones even in a closer look. However, they are susceptible to wearing and fading over time.


Stone veneers, because they replicate natural stones, are often compared to each other. Property owners want to see the difference between them to weigh their options. We compared them according to their structural use, dimensions, appearance, and ease of installation.

Structural Use  
Stone veneers are too weak to be structurally used for construction purposes. They can hold up their weight but can’t carry additional weight. Veneer stones can’t be used for flooring. Real, natural stones can be used structurally. It is becoming a rare practice in modern stone masonry, but using it in building construction is a great choice, too. If you want an authentic, real stacked stone, you should use natural stone. 

A full-dimension stone veneer starts at 2 inches up to 6 to 8 inches thick. There is even a thin stone veneer that ranges from 1 to 2 inches wide. Stone veneer face sizes can be as large as 14 inches in diameter. Also, veneer stones are about half the weight of natural stones of the same size. On the other hand, natural stones mostly just come in two sizes. Natural stone is also far heavier than stone veneers.

The colors of stone veneers can fade over time. Stone veneers are inexpensive, and they can be a tempting purchase, but their appearance is lacking. Also, they can have highly repetitive patterns. Because of factory manufacturing, you can never be sure that your home’s aesthetics are original. On the contrary, natural stone is never redundant and generally looks a lot more beautiful than stone veneers.

Stone veneers are easy to install. They are easier to handle and can be cut easily as compared to natural stone. Stone veneers are porous and lightweight. Untrained people can sometimes install it. Natural stone, on the other hand, must be installed by professional stone masonry contractors. Due to their density, natural stones are difficult to cut.

We are the top stone masonry contractors in Davis CA. If you ever need professional masons to do stonework for your home, call us, and we will do it for you. Fireplaces look good with stacked stone veneers, too. We specialize in installing a stacked stone fireplace for residential homes in Davis CA.

 If you love the aesthetic look of stone exterior home facades or cozy stacked stone veneer fireplaces, it is actually a look that is very much achievable. Let our professional masons install the stone veneers for you. Masonry veneers have the texture of genuine natural stones. 

With Davis Masonry, you can be assured that the installation of your stone veneer will be expertly and professionally handled. Our stone veneer installers have years of experience, which will give you peace of mind that you will be more than satisfied when they have finished their projects. We have experience in working directly with homeowners. Masonry veneers are one of our specialties, and we can handle all types of stone masonry and whatever stonework that is needed to be done in your homes.​

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