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Most property owners are not aware of or don’t pay much attention to the value that retaining walls add to their property. The retaining walls play a significant role in protecting the property from collapsing. It will help to keep your building stable and give maximum protection from natural problems such as soil erosion. It is dangerous when the soil collapses, and it can significantly weaken your foundation and put your home at risk. There are many things to consider when you start building a house. Contact a Davis CA retaining wall contractor today to answer your questions about retaining walls.

Have you heard of retaining walls? If you have already and you are considering building or installing a retaining wall on your property, then you have come to the right place. 
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A retaining wall is a wall that is built after the excavation of the foundation of a property. It provides support to the building and prevents the soil from collapsing. It “retains” the structure of the ground, as its name suggests. It retains the soil and prevents any sudden movement that can weaken the base of the erected structure. A retaining wall is needed before any further construction begins. It is considered a safety measure that gives home and property owners assurance that their building structure is structurally safe and sound.


Still unsure whether to install a retaining wall or not? Calling a concrete wall contractor will help you decide. Here are the benefits you can get if you choose to install a retaining wall for your home.

Stability and Support
Retaining walls ensure that the soil structure underneath your home or property will stay intact. Therefore, it provides stability to the construction of your building. Retaining walls are essential to support ground sloping. It is also vital to correct a steep grade.

Installing a retaining wall makes a structurally sound building. It prevents soil erosion, so you can be sure that you and your family are safe, no matter how extreme the rains are.

Landscape Aesthetics
Retaining walls help homeowners to define and beautify their garden’s landscaping. With retaining walls, you can get the most value to your property. We offer decorative retaining walls, such as stamped and stained retaining walls. 


Usually, retaining walls are made of reinforced concrete, timber, stone, or bricks. The material used depends on the level of protection your building needs. Retaining walls may also be used to support terraced gardens and other similar structures. There will be times when sheet piling may be required. However, this depends on several factors, such as the condition of the site and the nature of your building.

Each material gives retaining walls a different level of support and stability. Davis CA concrete wall contractors use all the commonly used raw materials. Let us guide you on what material you should use based on the need of your building.

Concrete and Lime Mortar
Concrete and lime mortar are suitable for buildings that are exposed to water. If you are located in heavy rainfall areas, these materials will work wonders for your home. Using this mixture of materials will help your retaining wall gain strength with its exposure to water and moisture.

Boulder and Stone
Boulders and stones are mainly used for aesthetics rather than their usability. They give a pleasing look to your retaining walls. However, they can be more challenging to build. To properly set them up, they require highly skilled masonry contractors.

Wood or Timber
Wood and timber are popular choices for retaining walls. They are relatively inexpensive. On the contrary, wood tends to require more maintenance because they are weak against moisture. Also, they can be infested with pests that feed on timber.

Stamping concrete walls is one of our specialties. Aside from making your homes more sturdy, we also aim to help you beautify them. Davis CA masonry services offer stained and stamped retaining walls.
Stamped retaining walls

Our expert masons are skilled in stamping concrete walls, like retaining walls. Stamped retaining walls look better and elevate the aesthetics of your home. Also, it adds to the market value of your property. Stamping concrete walls can be very tricky. That is why hiring a dependable concrete wall contractor is very important. 

If you are more on the bright side, stained retaining walls are for you. It is easy to color retaining walls, but it takes experience and expertise to properly do it. Our masons boast years of experience and knowledge. They can help you put more colors on your home with our stained retaining walls.

Davis Masonry’s state-of-the-art retaining walls are not exclusive to residential spaces only. We can also provide our Davis CA masonry services to business owners who are building their business spaces. Our state-of-the-art retaining walls can serve as a means of attracting more customers to your business. Our commercial masonry services are very affordable. We have vowed to help each other grow our businesses. We offer fair pricing and quality work at all times.

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