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Our company offers concrete pouring services for Davis, CA residents, and property owners. Concrete is always the best choice of material for driveways, curbs, and sidewalks. It is also widely used for building a solid foundation of big and tall structures because of its durability and sustainability. We are one of the most sought-after concrete pouring companies in California.

Professional concrete pouring service makes a massive difference between poured concrete that easily breaks and doesn’t hold up and poured concrete that lasts for many years. Our team is committed to excellence. This commitment ensures that every masonry work and project that we accomplish is done with expertise and care that gives the most outstanding results.

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​Concrete is most of the time mistakenly called cement, but they are not the same. Cement is only one part of concrete. Concrete is made up of three components: portland cement, water, aggregate, and air. The first component is the portland cement or the powdered cement. It is then mixed with water to form a paste-like consistency. Then, the paste made will be combined with aggregate, commonly called rocks, sand, and gravel. As the paste hardens, it binds the aggregate together. The last but not the least component is the air. It is not the main ingredient, but it plays a vital role. Tiny pockets of air in hardened concrete help increase the concrete’s durability through any weather.

The ingredients must be combined in correct and proper proportions so that they will last longer. Quality concrete uses an exact amount of water which keeps the concrete mixture workable. Also, the concrete must be poured before it gets hard. We have been providing masonry works in construction for the past few years. Our years of experience have honed our concrete pouring skills. 


Concrete is a popular choice for different masonry works nowadays. It is most popularly used for driveways and patios. It is because of the many benefits that concrete can give. Here are some of the best benefits of using concrete.

Concrete can last for up to 30 years. It can even last longer if it is maintained and well taken care of. Another factor that contributes to its longevity is the proper installation. This is the reason why you should carefully choose your local masonry contractor.

Concrete surfaces require little to no maintenance. It does not need heavy maintenance routines. Resealing surfaces like driveways and patios are only recommended every one to two years. When clearing ice and snow, care should be taken so as not to cause cracking.

There are many uses for concrete and can meet many functional needs in your home, neighborhood, or business property. It can be used for driveways, patios, cement frames, foundations, and many others. We can lay poured concrete for any masonry projects.


Every local cement contractor has their way of concrete placement. Each concrete placement is unique. Every client has specific needs, and every location needs and requires its particular plan. Davis CA masonry services can handle the varied needs of costumes, but we follow a particular set of concrete pouring procedures every time we provide concrete pouring services.

We clear the surface where the concrete will be poured. Often, this requires earth-moving equipment. Then, we mark the exact dimensions for the concrete. We then lay a granular sub-base over the entire surface.

We then set the concrete forms. They are set along the edged of the entire area and are held in place with wood or metal stakes.

After the final forms are in place, it is time to pour the concrete. We pull our ready mix concrete truck to the site and pour it directly into the area. Our expert masons will then smooth the concrete to prevent air pockets to ensure an even surface.

In this step, we level the top of the concrete to make uniform edges. We push a large board across the surface to compact the concrete. We also use other masonry tools and equipment to even out smaller areas.​

After achieving an even surface, we can apply the finish to the concrete. We offer a variety of finishes. Most of our former clients choose the stamped concrete. Stamped concrete gives the customers a variety of decorative options.

​Lastly, the concrete can rest and start the curing process. Our team recommends a curing compound to be applied immediately after the finish. This curing compound helps the concrete cure evenly, and it also reduces cracks. Curing lasts for four weeks, but the most critical time is the first week. Take extra care before you walk and drive to the new concrete surface.

Concrete is very durable and low maintenance. However, the property owner must also do their duty to ensure that the concrete will last for many years. Two things can help prolong its life. The first is a premium quality sealer applied the same day the concrete is placed or within the same month when used. The second one is the occasional soap and water cleaning. It will minimize the chances of staining and discoloration.

We are one of the few Davis CA masonry contractors who provide concrete pouring services. Our friendly customer service representatives will entertain your questions about our concrete pouring services when you contact us. We will make sure that we understand what you want to achieve to recommend the best service for your needs. Before we start the project, we will provide you a comprehensive plan that will need your approval before we begin the work.

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