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A new pool made especially for your family is an investment that is worth the money. Just thinking of all the fun and joy it can give to your family will surely bring a smile to your face. However, having a swimming pool at home may also require other concrete work around the pool area — we are talking about a pool deck.

A new pool deck seems like a great idea because, in the new normal, we can no longer say that it is safe to swim and enjoy the sun in resorts and beaches. If you want to level up your backyard game and have fun under the sun with your family and loved ones, we can help you with that!

We are Davis Masonry, the top-of-the-notch pool deck contractor in California! We provide our services to both residential and commercial pools. We can build your pool deck for you, but not only that, but we can also rebuild, recoat, repair, repaint, remodel, and resurface your pool.

Choosing a good concrete company is very crucial to the aesthetics and overall function of your pool. Construction of a pool deck requires expertise and great attention to detail. Our professional masons are here to provide you with the most affordable and durable pool deck.

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A pool deck is an area surrounding your swimming pool. It is also known as the pool patio, where pool owners put their lounge chairs, tables, outdoor concrete countertops, and other backyard furniture. Having a pool deck creates a modern look for your pool area. If you want a pool deck for your pool area, it is best to consult with an expert pool decking contractor because the materials that you will use for the pool deck matter. 

Our team will discuss with you which materials will work best, depending on your preference and budget. We aim to meet and even exceed your expectations. We always remind our clients to consider the material they will use in pool deck construction. They must consider the budget, safety, maintenance, durability, and how it fits the look and landscape in your pool area.

Tips In Choosing The Best Material To Use For Your Pool Deck


  • The pool is already significant investment, and you don’t want to break your bank for a swimming pool. Choose a material that is affordable but does not sacrifice quality.

    Slip resistance
  • The safety of your family is always a top priority. Choose a material that is not slippery. Pool decks tend to be wet most of the time, and a slip-resistant material will do wonders.

    Ease of Maintenance
  • Choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain at the same time. Because of the splashes from the pool, it won’t be easy if the pool deck requires frequent maintenance.

    Heat reflectivity
  • It is vital. You need a comfortable pool deck material to your feet no matter how scorching hot the sun is. 

  • Having a pool deck that matches the design of your landscape will be a very relaxing sight. Choose a design that suits you and your family’s personality and taste.

We recommend concrete pool decks. They are affordable, durable, and are very versatile. They can be easily installed and can copy or mimic the look of many other pool deck materials. You can top them off with a design that best suits you. There are also many different decorative toppings for concrete that can significantly lower the surface temperatures. However, we would still follow your choice of material. You are the boss.

Pool Deck Cost
Having a concrete pool deck is a cost-efficient way to achieve a durable and aesthetic surface. Pool deck contractors usually charge $6 per square foot. The average size of a pool deck is 900 sq. ft.; the total cost would be $5400. It is for the simplest design, and it can range up to $13500 or more for detailed ones.

For more elaborate designs, the pool deck cost increases, too. A larger pool area will also cost you more. 

Pool Deck Repair
For people who have had a pool deck for some time, and have damages like cracking, discoloration, or spalling, our expert masons can help with that! Having your pool deck repaired will bring a new life to your pool area. Cracking, discoloration, and spalling are signs that your pool deck is a candidate for repair. We recommend surface recoloring, up to overall pool resurfacing, depending on the extent of the damage on your pool deck.

A variety of reasons cause the discoloration of the pool deck. It can be the changing weather, exposure to the sun, improper color application, or attack by the chemicals on the pool. Most concrete stains can easily be removed, but this mindset can take a toll on your pool deck. Integral pigments and other coloring methods are long-lasting and wear-resistant, but it does not prevent discoloration. But we have good news for you! In most cases, the color can be revived by simply applying a new coat of acid or water-based stain. Our team protects the concrete with a good, quality sealer and uses a UV-resistant staining product to ensure that the newly colored pool deck will retain its beauty for many more years.

Pool deck resurfacing
It is the best solution to a pool deck that has excessive cracking and scaling. Resurfacing your pool deck with a concrete overlay is our best choice. It is also called micro-topping. Pool resurfacing covers up the cracks and other existing flaws of the pool deck. It upgrades the look of your entire pool area by allowing you to add your desired textures, patterns, and colors. Our expert pool deck contractors will make sure that it will significantly improve the floor’s slip resistance when they do the resurfacing. We also use materials that have high heat reflectivity

We are the best pool deck contractors in California. Our team will help you construct and repair your dream pool deck, so your family can enjoy the summer sun without going to the beach.

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