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Is your lawn starting to look lousy? Enhance your curb appeal with the help of an artistic and professional concrete paving contractor! We, at Davis Masonry, can help you achieve and the lawn of your dreams! Our goal is to provide excellent customer service to our customers and alleviate the stresses they have regarding home renovation.

We offer our paving services to enhance your curb appeal, driveway, and parking lot. We are one of California’s premier paving companies that work with different municipalities and private property owners. We can handle any size paving project from roadways, driveways to patchwork. Also, we recommend and offer knowledgeable advice to our clients if they are not exactly sure what needs to be done. For years, we have been doing this, which gives us the ability to accurately and adequately assess what paving work is necessary for your property.

Our team has handled different concrete paving works for schools, parking lots, roadways, and government-owned facilities. There are also many privately owned businesses like golf resorts and retail centers that have trusted us as their concrete paving contractor. So far, our former clients have been delighted with the work that we have done for them. Residential paving is also one of the services we provide. We can do the paving for your driveways, blacktops, and potholes.

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We are one of the most reputable concrete paving companies in California, and we do our best and give our 101% to the work that we do to maintain high standards. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Davis Masonry for your next paving project:

Our team boasts years of experience in masonry and concrete. They have handled different kinds of masonry work and always leave our clients beyond satisfied. We have trained and honed their skills. Also, we continuously update our masonry techniques and practices to keep up with the modernization of the masonry industry.

Premium materials and equipment
Aside from being experts, using top-of-the-line equipment helps our expert masons to do the job more efficiently. We have invested in the most advanced pieces of equipment for our masons to deliver quality masonry work to our clients.

Licensed and insured
Our years of service to Davis residents have given our company the resources to have our masons licensed and insured. When you hire us, you can be sure that even if there may be untoward accidents that happen, it will not be your responsibility. Also, our masons are licensed by the state, so you can be sure of the quality of the work they do.

​We know that our customers work hard to provide food on their table. That is why we offer the most affordable rates for our paving services.


We specialize in concrete paving. If you have a commercial property that needs a new road, a parking lot, a sidewalk, or even a pothole repair, having a concrete paving contractor with you will give you tons of benefits. We are open to using other paving materials, but concrete has the most advantages.


Low Maintenance
Due to the low maintenance threshold of concrete, it goes a long way in saving you money and time through the years. When you need minor repairs, shutting down or limiting your business should not be one of your worries because the maintenance needed for concrete is very minimal only.

This is common knowledge. Concrete is very durable. It is hard enough to stay in its pristine condition for the years to come. Concrete saves you money and time, most especially during extreme weather conditions that force pavements to contract and expand.

Concrete is long-lasting. You won’t have to replace it often, which allows you to save on the costs of masonry materials and resources. Also, concrete has a lighter color than asphalt, so it does not absorb much heat from the sun. Property owners and municipalities can meet their sustainability goals with the use of concrete for their pavements.
Types of Paving Projects Hand in hand, our team will work with you to find the best quality solution that fits your budget. We offer a free, no-obligation quote to our clients. Here are the types of paving projects that our team can easily do for you:

New Paving
If you have a new business project that needs paving, we can handle that. We will clear the site, lay the base and add the paving for you. Davis Masonry is one of the top paving contractor companies in California. We can handle the installation of new pavement for a newly built property.

Full rehabilitation
If you have an existing pavement that needs to be repaved, we can help. Full paving rehabilitation involves ripping the existing pavement out, removing it, and replacing it with fresh pavement. On the contrary, full pavement rehabilitation can be expensive and time-consuming. It may also cause delays to your daily activities because of the reduction of lanes and traffic redirection.

Patchwork or modified rehabilitation
Full rehabilitation can be costly; that is why we offer patchwork as a more affordable alternative. If the condition of your pavement is still viable for patchwork, we will do our best to rehabilitate it to the best of our ability. Our expert masons can accurately assess the condition of your patchwork with a few inspections.

Having a reliable concrete paving contractor can work wonders for your property. A well-paved road also elevates the aesthetic appeal of a property. Also, it increases its market value. Contact us today and get a free price quote.

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