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During the past year, outdoor patios have been an essential element in homes and business properties. The most popular patio material is concrete. It has many decorative finishes, thereby attracting home and business owners to choose concrete as the material to be used for their pool or outdoor patio. Concrete patios offer endless design potential. Also, they are more durable and require less maintenance than wood decks, natural stone, and pavers.

If you don’t have an outdoor patio yet, or you are unsatisfied with your existing outdoor patio, it’s about time to make a change. Concrete patios can be designed based on the property owner’s preferences. More so, they can stand the test of time and are affordable. Davis Masonry’s concrete patio installers can help you build the best patio for your property.

Outdoor concrete patios are durable enough to last well beyond the property owner’s expectations — if they are correctly installed. We are one of the best concrete patio installation companies in California. Our patio builders give their 100% to ensure that the concrete patio they install in your property meets and even exceeds your expectations. The aesthetics, durability, and overall quality of the patio we build are the best in California. We promise to give our clients nothing but the best because we know that the money they pay us is the fruit of their hard work, too. You can trust Davis Masonry to build you a patio that is beautiful, durable, and will last for the years to come.

Our clients in California have been delighted with the concrete patio we have built for them. We look into every little detail of your backyard during the patio installation process. It is done to provide you with the best masonry service to the best of our ability.

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A concrete patio in your backyard will give you space where you can rest and relax while breathing fresh air. It can be a place where you relax and have your cup of tea or coffee peacefully—still hesitating whether you should have a patio installed in your backyard? Here are some of the benefits of having a concrete patio in your backyard.

A concrete patio creates an outdoor entertainment zone for you and your family.
It may serve as a gathering zone for lounging and entertainment, but aside from that, it also allows property owners to blend their indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. Concrete patios are suitable decorative flooring surfaces for outdoor kitchens and countertops. 

You can customize your concrete patio with color and pattern.

The versatility of concrete makes it open to endless options for design. It is what makes it more appealing to property owners. You can customize a concrete patio easily. You can enhance your concrete patio with stains and integral colors. More so, it can be color coordinated to match your home’s overall design. They can also be stamped to make them look like other more expensive paving materials such as cobblestones and bricks.

It is stylish and luxurious, yet affordable.

Concrete patios are easy to install, which is why they cost less than patios made of cobblestone and bricks. Nevertheless, when concrete patios are correctly installed, they give your backyard the same aesthetics, just like how more expensive masonry materials do. Concrete’s affordability combined with the endless decorative patterns and colors it offers makes it the best choice for property owners on a budget. Furthermore, we can quickly form concrete into any shape to fit the limits of the backyard area.

It has a durable and low maintenance surface.

Choosing to have a decorative concrete patio for your property is an investment that can give you many years of relaxation while upgrading your landscape’s aesthetics. It is effortless to maintain. Also, it can withstand any weather conditions. Other patio materials like paving bricks and stones have joints and spaces between the units where weeds and grass can sprout. 


We usually recommend that our clients choose concrete as the material for their patio, but we can also use other masonry materials for our clients’ patio installation. Here are some of the materials we use depending on the preference of our clients.

Clay bricks

Undoubtedly, clay bricks make a patio look really impressive. The designs and patterns of clay bricks make it one of the most used materials for decks. Bricks have a classic look which makes them timeless.


Cobblestone patios can be expensive, but it definitely is worth the splurge. You can quickly achieve a beautiful patio area with cobblestones. Finding the perfect color for your patio can be tricky, but Davis Masonry’s patio installers will guide you in choosing the best stone color for your property. Hiring professional patio installers will give you the guidance you need in selecting the best type of stone for your patio.


Tiles are straightforward to clean, that is why most people choose this option. Having concrete slabs as a base for tiles will surely make your patio more durable and lasting. Our team of patio installers in Davis Masonry are very well skilled in tile setting.

If you are looking for a concrete patio contractor in Davis, you have come to the right place! Our team of skilled masons has perfected the craft of patio installation and will surely do the installation with accuracy and high-level skills. We are one of the best concrete patio installation companies in California. We value our clients’ trust, and it is our goal to deliver quality masonry services 24/7, 365 days a year. ​

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