Parging Contractors Davis CA

Parging is a tactic that is commonly used in the masonry field. It enables one to apply a smooth surface to a masonry wall. Usually, it is used to smooth an exterior wall of a masonry foundation. It is also used to coat or repair imperfections in poured concrete and concrete block walls. Various tools are needed for parging, such as a rectangular metal trowel, wooden float, stiff bristle brush, a wheelbarrow, drum mixer, or a drill with a paddle mixer attachment. It would be best if you also had a measuring cup, measuring tape, mixing pail, plastic sheet, water spray pump, and protective gear. If a homeowner wants their foundation re-parged, this adds in an extra first step. Usually, we will have to take out the current parging, especially if there is paint. We never want to risk parging over paint, as it will have issues sticking. ​

We start by measuring the surface area of the wall that needs to be parged. We will use this measurement to determine the number of materials we need in the parging mix. We use a wire brush to clear the wall of any existing dirt, dust, or debris. Then we spray the working area with clean water until it is completely saturated. Some walls may require multiple applications of water until it is completely saturated. Next, we will begin by mixing the parging mix. It is always best to add the water first to the mixing pale rather than the parging mix. You will want to gradually add the powder to the pale while operating a drill mixer for roughly three to five minutes. We continue to mix our parging mix until the spreadable, creamy consistency is received. It is an extremely important step because if you do not have the right consistency, your work can be compromised.

You want to avoid a soupy mix at all costs! Before we begin parge coating, we fill in any mortar joints to flush with the wall. Then, using a rectangular metal trowel, we begin to spread the parging mix along the saturated block wall. We aim for an application thickness of about 3/8s of an inch or ten millimeters. If a second coat of parging mix is required, we use a hard bristled brush to create a coarse-textured finish along the wall. It is going to help the next layer to adhere. We cannot add the second until the first layer has dried for at least twenty-four hours. WE use a float to smooth the surface of the wall until its uniform and seamless. Once the wall is finished, we allow the newly placed material to set until the surface is hard to touch. Then, we will cover the wall with plastic or keep the surface damp for at least three days to ensure proper curing. Once the parging mix is fully cured, the wall is ready for any additional construction. Not only does parging give a foundation an extra layer of protection from the elements, but it also provides a decorative finish that can be painted or waterproofed. 

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