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We not only offer brick masonry services but also provide natural stone masonry. Building interior and exterior applications utilize over one hundred varieties of natural stones. Natural stone masonry has gained immense popularity and requires extensive training. Multiple stone masonry techniques exist, encompassing various types of stone masonry. Among these techniques, one that has gained particular popularity with homeowners and architects is natural thin veneer. Natural thin veneer involves cutting natural stone to a thinner dimension compared to full veneer stone. 

Due to its lightweight and narrow width, it offers unique advantages, especially during the installation process. Any structurally sound surface can accommodate a natural thin veneer without the need for a foundation, making it ideal for fireplaces or the exteriors of existing homes or commercial buildings. Furthermore, a natural thin veneer can be seamlessly blended with a full-width veneer, resulting in a perfect match and a seamless appearance. Additionally, the lighter weight of the thin stone enhances efficiency in shipping, facilitates easier movement on a job site, and allows for quicker installation compared to a full-width veneer.

 Moreover, the thinner stone profile serves as an excellent alternative for concrete and projects with limited space or other special considerations. Stonemasonry can be classified as either rubble masonry or ashlar masonry. Within the category of rubble masonry, variations include random, square, polygonal, flint, and dry rubble. 

Random rubble represents the roughest and most affordable form of stone masonry. The stones of various sizes are arranged in un-coursed or coursed patterns. Square rubble employs stones with straight beds and sides, which are typically squared and finished with hammer dressing or straight cuts.

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Natural Stone
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Natural Stone

Diverse Types and Techniques of Stone Masonry

In the realm of stone masonry, there are various types and techniques worth exploring. Let’s delve into some of the most notable ones.

Natural Stone Thin Veneer: A Game-Changer

One particularly sought-after option among homeowners and architects is the natural thin veneer. This type of stone is thinner than a full veneer stone, offering unique advantages, especially during the installation process.

One of the key benefits of natural thin veneer is its compatibility with any structurally sound surface. Unlike other masonry options, it doesn’t require a foundation, making it perfect for enhancing fireplaces or the exteriors of existing homes and commercial buildings. You can also seamlessly blend natural thin veneer with full-width veneers for a cohesive appearance.

Additionally, the lightweight nature of thin stone makes it more cost-effective to ship, easier to maneuver on-site, and quicker to install compared to full-width veneers. Its thinner profile also serves as an excellent alternative to concrete, ideal for projects with limited space or other special considerations.

Natural Stone Rubble Masonry: Varied Techniques and Textures

Stonemasonry can be further classified into two categories: rubble masonry and ashlar masonry. Within the realm of rubble masonry, several techniques and textures stand out:

Random Rubble: Offering a rough and affordable option, random rubble incorporates stones of various sizes arranged in an uncoursed or coursed manner. Square rubble, on the other hand, utilizes stones with straight beds and sides, typically squared and finished with hammer dressing or straight cuts.

Polygonal Rubble: Utilizing hammer-dressed stones, polygonal rubble creates a distinctive pattern with irregularly shaped stones in facework. The facet joints traverse in multiple directions, adding character to the overall design.

Flint RubbleFlint rubble employs irregularly shaped silica stones, known as flints or cobbles. While these stones possess a rugged appeal, they tend to be brittle and more susceptible to breakage.

Dry Rubble: In this cost-effective masonry technique, no mortar is used in the joints. Dry rubble is commonly employed for non-load-bearing walls, requiring skilled craftsmanship to construct.

Natural Stone Ashlar Masonry: Precision and Elegance

Ashlar masonry offers a refined and sophisticated aesthetic. It encompasses various styles, each with distinct characteristics:

Ashlar Fine: This technique utilizes uniformly sized and shaped stones, resulting in perfectly horizontal and vertical joints. The beds and sides are finely chisel-dressed, while the face retains its ruggedness through tools, rock, or quarry-facing. Rough-tooled ashlar incorporates a 25mm-wide strip chiseled around each stone’s perimeter, while chamfered ashlar features a beveled strip at a 45-degree angle. Ashlar block combines elements of masonry and ashlar masonry in a course arrangement.

Natural Stone Cut Construction: Versatility in Design

Natural stone cut construction involves the cutting of large blocks from quarries into smaller, usable pieces. These cut stones find applications in various elements, such as steps, foundations, walkways, and paths in gardens and parks. Common types of cut stones include sandstone, limestone, granite, and marble, each with its unique visual appeal and durability.

Brickwork: A Classic and Versatile Choice

Among the different forms of stone masonry, brickwork remains the most prevalent, particularly for exterior applications. This method boasts ease of installation due to minimal stone cutting or shaping requirements. Whether utilized as an accent piece or a cost-effective alternative to materials like concrete or stucco, brickwork offers versatility in design while retaining its timeless appeal.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Masonry

Natural stone masonry presents numerous advantages for your home, including sustainability, durability, and unparalleled beauty.

Sustainability: A Greener Choice Opting for natural stone masonry contributes to a greener environment. Unlike synthetic materials, natural stone minimizes pollution during production and requires no toxic chemicals to maintain its appearance—just a simple application of water.

Durability: Built to Last
With a proven track record spanning thousands of years, natural stone masonry ensures longevity even in the face of harsh weather conditions. As one of the most resilient building materials available, it surpasses other alternatives in terms of durability, providing your home with a sturdy foundation.

Beauty: Elevating Your Home’s Aesthetics
Renowned for its stunning colors and textures, natural stone masonry adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your home. Its timeless beauty elevates your property’s visual appeal and sets it apart from neighboring structures.

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