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Concrete and Masonry Contractor in Monument Hills, CA


Monument Hills is a beautiful city. You can see different houses and buildings everywhere you look. Despite the modernization in the city, the locals still preserve the pleasant ambiance of the town by retaining the beautiful landscapes you can find there. The structures you can see everywhere you look to have different features and designs, which gave us the idea of concrete and masonry contractors in the area.

Like other property owners, the residents in Monument Hills seek a reliable concrete and masonry contractor company. The search is over because our company, Davis Masonry, has formed a team of expert masons based in Monument Hills, CA! If you need help building a fireplace, chimney, concrete walls, pavers, driveways, pool decks, you name it, give us a call, and we will come running. We will discuss with you which concrete material would work best, depending on your home’s structure, build, and design. Our masons are all trained and experts in brick, concrete, and stone masonry. So if you need someone to do masonry work for you, contact us today and get a free, no-obligation quote. Just dial 916-975-7360.

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Brick Masonry

​Our team has years of experience working with bricks. It is common knowledge that brick masonry is a very durable and sturdy form of construction. Brick masonry is built by stacking bricks in mortar systematically to form a solid and sturdy mass that can withstand exerted loads. Our team has mastered using several types of bricks and mortars. We also practice special cautions while mixing and placing the masonry mortar because it can have a considerable effect on the durability of the masonry structure.

If you need a reliable brick masonry contractor in Monument Hills, we can provide you with that! Our team uses the best quality bricks. We have trained them to have an excellent eye for detail to ensure that the brick courses they do are perfectly horizontal. We are the best at brick masonry in Monument Hills. Our former clients can attest to that! Call us at 916-975-7360 to speak with us today!

Stone Masonry

Stonemasonry is a type of masonry construction that uses stone and mortar. We have a team in Monument Hills who are skilled and trained to handle stone masonry. Stone and mortar are often used for floors, retaining walls, columns, building foundations, and arches. In masonry construction, the stones used are natural rocks. These natural rocks are cut into proper shape to make them suitable for masonry construction. Stones are notably one of the most durable masonry materials.

If you are looking for a stone masonry contractor in Monument Hills, we are your people! Stonemasonry is one of our specialties. We use only the best masonry tools and equipment. Though it is good to rely on just our expertise, we believe that using the best tools and materials is a significant deciding factor in the success and durability of our work. We take stone masonry seriously, and we like to see our clients’ big smiles after a job well done.

Concrete Masonry

Concrete is the most popular construction material. It is durable and affordable. Furthermore, it is resistant to fire, insects, and noise. However, proper construction is necessary for concrete masonry buildings to function as designed. We at Davis Masonry follow the appropriate procedure and handling to ensure that our work will always turn out to be the best.

What is a concrete masonry unit (CMU)?

A concrete masonry unit is a standard size rectangular block that is used in building construction, which is very versatile because of the many design options which we can achieve by using them.

We are the concrete and masonry contractor Monument Hills CA residents have been waiting for! Our team’s goal is to help you achieve the home or building of your dream. You may also want to check out the services we offer in Vacaville, CA!

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