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We serve Madison, CA, with top-notch masonry services. We can handle small-scale repairs and up to huge construction projects. Our mission is to provide the most efficient and professional masonry services Madison, CA residents deserve. From driveways, walkways, pool decks, wall repairs, fireplaces, chimneys, or patio installations, we can help you with all your needs. Davis Masonry can serve you with timely completion, fair pricing, and top-notch craftsmanship for anything that requires concrete, bricks, stone, and pavers.

Most residents in Madison. CA own the homes they live in and are comfortable with having things repaired in the house. Davis Masonry has experience doing masonry work and repair in a variety of contexts. No job is too difficult for the professional masons at Davis Masonry to accomplish. Our team of masons knows that home renovations are also huge investments. We promise that our team will guide you to make your entire renovation process less stressful.

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There are a lot of masonry and concrete contractors out there. You can say that they are all the same, but here are some of the qualities you should look for when you hire a concrete contractor. Choosing among all the concrete pouring companies can be challenging and tricky, but these will guide you in determining.

Quality work

Concrete contractors should always put their 100% in their job, no matter how small or how big the projects are. You can always view the reviews and recommendations to see if they are doing a good job. Quality work means that the masonry work is neat, durable, and meets or exceeds customers’ expectations.

Superb customer service

A single phone call determines whether the company is good or not. Customer service representatives must be friendly and knowledgeable about the business. Knowledge of the nature of the business is needed to answer customer queries and recommend possible solutions.

Licensed and insured

Masons and concrete contractors must pass the standards of the state. Licensed and insured masons may charge more, but you can be sure of their expertise and experience. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry if there may be any untoward accident that happens to them while providing the service to you because they are all covered by insurance.


​The masonry contractor you hire should reflect the urgency of the concrete repair work or any masonry job. We keep in mind the date set by our client. Finishing the project on or before the scheduled date also shows the professionalism of the contractor. Also, coming in during the scheduled work hours is a plus.

These qualities are our standards when we hire someone to be part of our team at Davis Masonry. We take masonry seriously, and we only hire those with the same vision as our company. With our team of expert masons, residents of Madison, CA, can be sure of the quality of the work they provide. Our customer service representatives are trained and are knowledgeable about the nature of masonry. We also make sure that they speak friendly and respectfully to our prospective clients. 

Davis Masonry handles the license and insurance of the professional masons we send to your homes. Most significantly, we know that time is money. Our team is aware of the value of time. That is why we remind them to always be punctual and finish the work as fast as possible but don’t sacrifice the quality of the masonry work.

​So, what are you waiting for? Call us today for all of your concrete and masonry needs! We will provide you with the top-notch masonry service Madison, CA residents need and deserve.​ You may also want to check out the services we offer in Monuments Hill, CA!


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