Florin Masonry and Concrete Contractor

Most of the buildings and structures in Florin, CA, have distinct structures and designs. It gave us the green light to found a masonry contractor company in Florin, CA. Our team of masonry experts has mastered repairing, resurfacing, and remodeling old bricks and stone works. We are the top Florin concrete contractor. We take our business seriously, and we don’t slack and play around at work. Our team’s goal is always aligned with our client’s goals, expectations, and preferences.

Furthermore, we make sure that we leave our clients with big smiles on their faces because of a job well done. We can take on any masonry job, be it landscaping work, a fireplace, a chimney, a pool deck, a concrete wall, or even a concrete foundation! Contact us today and get a free, no-obligation price quote!

Concrete masonry is an art that our team has learned to master through the years. They know and understand every type of masonry tool, material, and technique. Even with their expertise, they are still updating their techniques to keep up with the rapid modernization of the technologies used in masonry.​

Here are some of the best services we provide for Florin CA residents and business owners:

Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

Many homes and buildings in Florin have used bricks in the construction of their chimneys and fireplaces. Through the years of use, chimneys and fireplaces have developed molds in the exterior and have gotten chipped because of the heat of the fire. Our team can repair any damaged brick fireplaces and restore chimneys like they are new again.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneers add a whole lot of style to your building, be it your home or your business space. If you are keen on upgrading and updating the look of your home, give us a call and let us talk about it. We recommend stone veneers rather than natural stone because it is more affordable and easier to install. Despite the price difference, the aesthetics are just the same.

Brick Paving

If you are looking for a decorative brick paving contractor, our expert masons can provide you with that! A good brick paving work will surely enhance your curb appeal. Our team of expert masons can handle all your landscaping and hardscaping needs. We can design both residential and commercial patios, driveways, and garden paths. If you are unsure how to plan your landscape through brick paving, Davis Masonry masons can offer you the best guidance so that you can realize the garden you envision.

Stamped Driveways

It is nice to have a concrete driveway, but if you are a person who likes change and upgrades, stamped driveways are for you! Our team at Davis Masonry Florin CA knows how to achieve perfection of every size and style. We will improve the look of your existing driveway with innovative designs. A stamped driveway is very durable, and our previous projects have already stood the test of time. 

Pool Decks

A pool deck is concrete work that you install around your pool. It is where you place your outdoor lounge chairs and tables. Besides this function, concrete pool decks also minimize accidents within the pool area because there will be no slippery mud lying around. Our team has installed hundreds of pool decks in different homes in Florin, CA. Our former clients are delighted, as more customers are approaching us because of their recommendation.


Having an outdoor concrete patio at home where you can rest after a long day’s work is such an underrated privilege. More people now are realizing this and are calling us for help to install a patio. Moreover, commercial spaces are also having concrete patios installed to attract more customers. We are the best concrete patio installer in Florin, CA. It is proven from the recommendations given by our former clients. You may also want to check out the services we offer in Dixon, CA!

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