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There are many ways to repair a chimney. First, our employees make sure your roof is protected. We cover the surrounding area of the roof around the chimney. Next, it is time to set up the scaffolding. Again, we assure you that we take the proper precaution. We make sure our frame is set up to the highest degree, so it does not leave any marks behind. It is also our job to ensure that the inside of your home is appropriately protected. Many homeowners become nervous about getting their chimney repaired because they believe it will cause a massive mess inside their home and potentially lead to other issues. With Davis Masonry, this is nothing to worry about. We cover the whole floor that surrounds your chimney with a protective covering. We also protect any furniture that is in the area surrounding the chimney. We cover your windows, sofas, lounge chairs, and any other pieces of furniture that may get debris on them. ​


​If we deem it necessary for total demolition of the chimney, we will recommend that to you. Also, if you wish for your chimney to be entirely demolished, we can do that for you as well. If this is the case, we start brick by brick, taking down your existing chimney. Excavation will most likely be necessary to create more room for the footing. Our staff is completely trained and highly equipped to complete these essential tasks. Once we add the rebar for the footing, we can then build the chimney steel reinforcement. We then will mix the concrete that will be used for the chimney footing.

Natural Stone Installation & Repair ​

Once poured, we will then set the CMU’s. It is imperative to us that the footing is level. It is something we teach our team and put great emphasis on. If the base for the chimney is not level, this could cause many problems in the future. Leveling the footing is one of the most critical steps of this process, and we take it very seriously. Once the base is completed, it is not time to lay the bricks. The exterior ash access door, forming the hearth, and installing the gas stub-out are also crucial steps that cannot be overlooked even by the slightest degree. Here at Davis Masonry, we take pride in our work and guarantee nothing will be overlooked.

Once the hearth concrete is poured and set, we continue to build the facing of the chimney and construct the ash pit. A key piece of chimneys is the firebox with a combustion air kit. These are designed to improve the fireplace’s efficiency. We use clay tile flue liners to ensure the safety of our customers. They virtually do not allow any heat or corrosive byproducts of any materials to pass through the chimney. When laying brick for the exterior hearth, we consider that pattern you may want it laid in. Some designs require more work and more cutting to get the precise angles, but it can be done! Ultimately, you will work with us in the beginning stages of designing what you think will work best for your home. Once the hearth and cavity have been grouted, we move on to constructing the chimney architectural detail. Again, we can have conversations with you in the beginning, to let you know some of the most common designs we work with. We want you involved every step of the way! When installing the chimney flashing, we are sure to be precise. Unfortunately, many reasons for a chimney leak are the sheet metal flashings. We take this step extremely seriously. We love what we do, and we want to provide the best service possible to our customers. Please call us today and see how we can make your life easier! ​

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