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Are you thinking of finally building your dream home, or maybe a new business building? If your answer is yes, you need professional concrete framers. Any building structure needs to be framed appropriately. It is very critical because cement framing can make or break your dream building.

But don’t you worry! You have just found the right people! We are the best California framers! Our expert masons have proven years of experience and expertise in cement framing. Knowledge of the proper procedure and a well-thought-out plan is needed to execute cement framing. Like bones to humans, buildings need a frame to place every part together. Having a dependable cement framer company will surely lighten up the burden you have in conjunction with all the necessary preparations to construct your home or building.


What is a cement frame? A cement frame, also known as a concrete frame, is a common form of structure. It consists of a network of columns and beams that forms the construction of a building. You may call it the skeleton of the building. A cement frame construction is on a concrete foundation. It is used to support the floors, the walls, and the roof of the house or building.

Beams are the horizontal members of the frame and are categorized as main beams and secondary beams. The main beams connect the floor and secondary beam loads to the columns. On the other hand, the secondary beams connect the floor loads to the main beams. Columns are the vertical parts of the frame, and they are the structure’s primary load-bearing element. They transmit loads of the beams down to the foundation of the building.


Cement frames have two types. They can either be precast or prestressed.

Precast cement frames

Typically, usage for precast cement frames is for low-rise and single-story structures. The manufacturing of the beams and columns does not take place on the site. They are transported to the site, then a crane lifts them and places them into their respective positions to construct the concrete frame.

Prestressed cement frames

The prestressed concrete is a masonry material that allows for predetermined engineering stresses to be put in beams and columns. It counteracts the stresses that happen when they are subject to loading. It mixes the powerful compressive properties of cement with the high tensile strength of steel.


Forming beams and columns can be done in the construction site with the use of formwork. Formwork is a temporary mold where cement is poured. Traditionally, timber is used to construct a formwork, but steel, reinforced plastics, glass fiber, and other materials can be used, too. The most popular type of formwork is shuttering. It is usually built on the construction site using plywood and timber.


Another construction method is the slip form method, in which concrete is poured into the top of moving formwork. As the cement is formed, the formwork is raised vertically at a speed that allows the cement to harden. This method is the most affordable for buildings that are over seven stories high. It is best for bridges and towers because it can be constructed quickly. Slip form is the fastest method for vertical reinforced concrete structures, but contractors may also use it for horizontal structures such as roadways.


Some steps must be followed when building a new structure. Following these steps to frame a concrete slab is very important.

  1. Measure all the dimensions of the surface where the slab will be constructed.
  2. Level the ground using a string leveler.
  3. Board up the sides of the slab in the ground.
  4. Add a curve to the concrete slab. It is essential because it will be challenging to finish your work without this.
  5. Look over everything to check if all the steps have been done correctly.
  6. Add chicken wire to the frame. It will help in keeping the cement stable, especially when all the cement has been poured already.

Cement frame construction may take days, even weeks. The steps we have listed above may seem easy, but proper execution of the steps is a must. You may say that you can do it, but it takes years of experience to install concrete frames properly. Years of experience and mastery are needed to execute the steps correctly. You can save a lot of time, effort, and money if you invest in hiring reliable California framers. Having professional cement framers by your side will surely lighten your load by a ton. Local cement contractors are a huge help for all your masonry needs. Davis Masonry can provide you with top-notch masons who use only quality masonry materials and tools in their jobs.

The Davis Masonry team has been working with cement for the past ten years. They know everything from wall construction, masonry cement, foundations, cement frames, and many other masonry services. If you need help in the building of your dream home, we are your guys. We will do our best to meet and even exceed your expectations. Our former clients are proof that we take framing on concrete very seriously. We will not survive in this business if we don’t consistently provide our customers with excellent service. So, what are you waiting for? Please pick up the phone and contact us today! Dial 916-975-7360 and speak with our friendly customer service representatives! We will give you a free price quote.

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