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At Davis Masonry, we are your premier cement framing masonry contractor in Davis, California. Our team of expert masons boasts years of proven experience and expertise in concrete framing, ensuring your project is in the best hands possible. Cement framing is a critical component of any building structure, acting as the skeleton that holds everything together, much like bones do for humans.

Understanding Cement Framing

What exactly is cement framing? Also known as a concrete frame, it forms the foundation of a building, consisting of a network of columns and beams. Beams, whether main or secondary, connect the floors and loads to the columns, while the columns are the primary load-bearing elements transmitting the loads down to the building’s foundation. For your project, we offer two types of concrete frames: precast and prestressed.

Precast Cement Frames

With precast cement frames, manufacturing occurs off-site, making it suitable for low-rise and single-story structures. The beams and columns are then transported to the site and positioned using cranes to construct the concrete frame.

Cement Framing Masonry contractor Davis Masonry
Cement Framing Masonry contractor Davis Masonry

Cement Framing Masonry Contractor

Prestressed Cement Frames

On the other hand, prestressed cement frames involve engineering stresses applied to the concrete, enhancing its strength by combining the compressive properties of cement with the tensile strength of steel.

Formwork Techniques for Concrete Frames

Formwork is essential in constructing beams and columns on-site. Traditionally using timber, formwork can also employ materials like steel, reinforced plastics, or glass fiber. One popular type of formwork is shuttering, crafted with plywood and timber on the construction site. 

Concrete Slab Framing

When framing a concrete slab, careful execution is crucial. Start by measuring all dimensions, leveling the ground with a string leveler, and boarding up the sides of the slab. Adding a curve to the slab is essential for a smooth finish. Reinforce the concrete with chicken wire to ensure stability once it’s poured.

Advantages of Cement Frames

Opting for a cement frame offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, it guarantees durability, outlasting wood and withstanding various weather conditions and natural wear and tear. Additionally, it proves cost-effective, saving you money on both the initial construction and long-term maintenance.

Comprehensive Masonry Services

As a top-notch cement framing masonry contractor, we offer a range of services beyond cement framing, including concrete pouring, stamped concrete, brick masonry, natural stone masonry, and driveway installation. Our expert team at Davis Masonry takes every project seriously, ensuring top-quality results and exceeding customer expectations.

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At Davis Masonry, our reputation as a leading Cement Framing Masonry contractor in Davis, California, stems from our unwavering commitment to excellence. With years of proven experience in the field, our team of expert masons is equipped with the knowledge and skill to turn your dream home or business building into a reality. 

Experienced and Reliable

When you choose Davis Masonry as your cement framing contractor, you can rest assured that your project is in the best hands possible. Our proficiency in constructing concrete frames ensures that your building will stand the test of time, just like the sturdy bones that support our bodies. 

Trustworthy and Professional

When you entrust your project to Davis Masonry, you are choosing a contractor with the experience, licensing, insurance, and warranties necessary to ensure a successful and hassle-free endeavor. Our attention to detail and commitment to using the best materials and techniques make us the premier choice for cement framing and masonry services in Davis, CA.

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