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Many factors could potentially damage or destroy the brick installation and repair, such as incorrect installation of stucco stop, gutters, downspouts, and waterproofing. At Davis Masonry, we want to leave the best impression on our clients. That is why we take every single detail seriously, and our work proves it! The overall structure of our job and the most delicate details are planned and mapped out to ensure the installation and repair phase goes smoothly. Our professional workers can increase your home or property value through brick installation, brick replacement, and brick repair. Davis Masonry puts in the hours and keeps our promises. We go the extra length to make you more than satisfied. The installation of brick retaining walls, brick hallways, custom brick fireplaces, or freestanding brick walls can add to your property’s aesthetic and surroundings. We also can work with brick, stone, or concrete. We take full responsibility for ensuring we pick the most durable bricks, ensuring they are installed to the highest standard, and ensuring they will last for a very long time. We provide high-quality brick masonry construction services that guarantee to our clients that their needs will be taken into utmost consideration and met beyond belief. We know how important it is to find professional services and experts, and we want to be the ones you choose! ​

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Our company only uses the best brick masonry tools and equipment. For example, the post-speed lead is one of the fastest tools you can buy, and it is the easiest to use! A bricklayer invented this tool. When using the post-speed lead, the corners are straight and clean. Any application of brick veneering is best with the post-speed lead. Also, having a solid mortar trowel is vital to this operation; when repointing or tuckpointing brick, stone, or block mortar, trowels spread the mortar. 

These come in many different sizes, so when we select trowels to use, we have to make sure we choose ones that are wide enough for your specific job. We guarantee our clients that we are working with the highest quality tools to deliver the most credible results possible. The tuckpointing grinder, plugging chisel and hammer, and the mortar gun are also used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the job. Before we begin to install or repair your brick project, we make sure the brick is clean. Clean brick is pertinent to installation, so our professionals prevent mud from splashing on the brick, and we also check the building codes to make sure everything is good on that end.

There are a few different types of brick bonds that are used in brick masonry work. The most common bonds are: 

  1. Stretcher Bond
  2. Header Bond
  3. English Bond
  4. Flemish Bond

The purpose of brick bonding is for strength and aesthetics. The term stretcher is used to refer to the lengthier face of the brick. When working with stretcher bond, this means all the bricks are laid in stretcher courses. It usually is only used for walls with half brick thickness. For example, we would use this type of structure for partition walls or sleeper walls. 

The term header is used to refer to the shorter face of the brick. When working with header bonds, this means all the bricks are laid in header courses. It is typically used for walls with one brick thickness. 

English bond is the most common bond used, which consists of an alternate stretcher course and a header course. This type of bond is used to produce one-brick solid thickness walls.

In a Flemish bond, each course in a brick wall comprises alternate stretchers and headers. Flemish bonds are split up into two categories: single Flemish bond and double Flemish bond. Single Flemish bond utilizes English bond and Flemish bond. Flemish bond is exceptionally complex and takes a large amount of skill to build up, so we do not suggest working with just anyone to do this! We always ensure the most professional services. 


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